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Plastic Filaments

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ABS / PLA / HIPS filaments
1.75mm / 3.0mm
Variety of Colors
Glow in Dark available

October-November 2013: Nylon / PC Filaments
November-Dicember 2013: POM / PET-G
New April 2014: PC
New May 2014: Laywood / Laybrick
New November 2014: Flexible


ABS The Acrylonitrile butadine styrene or ABS is an impact-resistant plastic (strokes) widely used. in automotive and other industrial and domestic uses. It is and amorphous thermoplastic. -Print temperature 220-245° C.

PLA Polylastic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a bio-based material and easy to print, in addition to the important advantage of PLA as low odor, low melting point and good circulation, there is no need for post-treatment. Biodegradable. It breaks down easily in water and carbon dioxide. -Print temperature 175-200° C.

HIPS High Impact Polystyrene is one of the existing varieties within polystyrenes. Since polystyrene is a very brittle polymer at room temperature is modified by the addition of polybutadiene, to improve impact resistance. It is commonly referred to as HIPS and PSAI. Can work as support material with for ABS using after Limonene -Print temperature 220-245°C.

PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH, PVA or PVAI) is a water soluble synthetic polymer (not to be confused wotj polyvinyl acetate, a popular wood glue). It is used as support material for 3D printing. -Print temperature 160-175° C.





Thermo Sensitive

Glow in the dark

UV Sensitive









*Colors for illustrative purposes, the tones may not be accurate.

High precision dimension: 3.00mm and 1.75mm +/-0,10mm and good roundness: +/-0.08mm that makes the supply of material to be performed easily and with high quality printing.



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